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Time to get (financially) fit

It’s the beginning of January – New Year’s resolution season! But what are the most common resolutions? A YouGov survey found that the top three New Year’s resolutions are to eat better, exercise more and spend less/save more.


All three relate to the same aspiration – getting fit. Whether this relates to physical or financial fitness, around this time of the year, people are re-evaluating their current habits. This is a great time to improve employee engagement by supporting people in achieving positive changes in their behaviour.


Our research in 2018 explored the financial attitudes and behaviours of over 10,000 employees to understand how an individual’s relationship with money affects their wellbeing. Money worries were consistently the greatest contributor to overall stress levels – above relationships, health and career. We found that poor financial health can have a hugely negative impact on an individual’s daily life and mental health. Those who were worried about money were 8.8x more likely to have sleepless nights, 7.6x more likely not to be able to finish daily tasks and 5.7x more likely to have troubled relationships with colleagues.


With that context, it isn’t surprising that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions related to finances. Salary Finance helps people to get financially fit by learning positive habits and getting on top of their money.


Among our clients, nowhere does the ‘get fit’ message resonate more than at Virgin Active. This 3-minute video showcases how Virgin Active’s is effectively supporting employees in their aspirations to get financially fit.



If you would like to support your employees’ resolutions to get financially fit in 2019, do get in touch to learn how we can help.

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