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Financial Wellness for Employees

Financial stability today for financial security tomorrow

Leading employers want to help employees achieve greater financial wellbeing so they can be more happy and successful at work. But many focus on long-term financial outcomes rather than on the urgent financial needs employees are facing today. 

Yet we all can agree that if someone is struggling to afford their bills or can’t cover an emergency expense, that stress is going to negatively impact them more than thinking about meeting long-term goals like retirement or investing.

How it works

Financial Wellbeing Hub

Your employees get access to an online and mobile-friendly, one-stop-shop for financial wellbeing


Employees can see if they’re eligible, then apply for low-cost loans that are repaid through payroll deduction


Employees have access to financial education about the topics they care most about including budgeting and spending, credit and borrowing, and saving and investing



No cost benefit that makes a real, measurable impact

With Salary Finance, you can provide your employees with financial solutions that help them today, alleviating their immediate stress and setting them up to be more financially healthy in the future.

Provides access to affordable capital

Giving employees a way to access their own working capital (their salaries) returns dignity to them and is a more equitable, inclusive solution than the alternatives, which are incredibly high-cost and in many cases, predatory

Puts employees in control of their money

Automatic repayment through salary deduction means less risk of missing a payment or going delinquent. Regular repayment helps build credit, so they can more easily and affordably participate in the financial system in the future.

Helps employees be better with money

Financial education that covers topics employees need the most help with, like what to do if they lose income, how to build up savings, and how to reduce spending