Amanda Turcotte: Addressing the Problems of the Present

More and more employees are looking for new career opportunities and even better health care benefits due to the ongoing pandemic. As a result, many employers are struggling to figure out how to keep their top talent during these difficult times -- and how to make sure if they do stay, their employee benefits support them and keep them financially and physically healthy. 

Amanda Turcotte is the Chief Insurance Officer of Brella Insurance. Brella is an insurance company whose supplemental health plan enhances your health benefits strategy to ease the financial impact of health hardships. Amanda's experience studying economics, working in reinsurance and life insurance, and conducting human-centered design research all led her to designing category-busting insurance products at Brella. 

Listen in and learn about:

  • Her early influences and experiences growing up in Alabama
  • Her first corporate job in New York
  • Getting into the health insurance industry to help working people
  • Developing products and human-centered design
  • The story of Brella Insurance and their mission
  • The two things she is most proud of herself for

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