Steve Barha: Earned Wage Access for Everyone

In this episode, Anita talks to Steve Barha about his experiences as an entrepreneur and his goal to drive the adoption of earned wage access for every employee. Steve has spent the past two decades utilizing the key principles of "operating with integrity" and "acting with urgency" to develop successful technology companies.

Now, Steve is Founder and COO of Instant, a financial wellness platform that gives employees the opportunity to claim a portion of their earned income after every shift without any fees. Steve shares about his childhood, life purpose, hardships, and journey to becoming an entrepreneur. He has pivoted and persevered toward his goal of making sure that people are truly in charge of their own money.

Listen in and learn about:

  • His childhood and finding his purpose (3:40)
  • The biggest life lesson he learned the hard way (7:20)
  • Getting into the technology industry (15:45)
  • Steve's journey to becoming an entrepreneur (17:05)
  • Founding Instant Financial (24:30)
  • The adoption of earned wage access (33:49)

Mentioned on the episode:

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