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We partner with your employer to give you access to affordable loans, simple savings, advances on your pay and free financial education.

Affordable salary-linked loans: How does it work?

  • Apply online under 5 minutes
  • We have a higher acceptance rate than traditional lenders
  • A solution for every step of your money journey

What we offer

Salary-linked employee benefits, designed to help you take control of your money
Borrow responsibly with affordable loans
Our employee loans typically have higher acceptance and lower interest than those from traditional lenders, allowing you to take control of your debt and improve your credit score. And with repayments coming straight from your salary, you'll never miss a payment. For specific Representative APR, see your employer page.
Your Pay, Your Way
Access your earned pay when you need it most. Whether it's for unexpected bills or to spread costs throughout the month, we allow you to make your pay work better for you.
The Simplest Way to Save
By linking your savings directly to your salary, we make putting money away simple. We allow you to top up your savings the moment you get paid, making it easier to stay on track. Just sit back and watch your savings grow.
Help to Save
Help to Save
Get rewarded for saving.
The Help to Save Government scheme helps you to start, and continue saving. By saving just £50 a month, you could earn up to £1,200 in tax-free bonuses from the Government over four years.
Popular questions
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The application is simple and online which is relatively quick. Generally no paperwork is needed. In some circumstances we may contact you to provide further information. We can only accept online applications and do not offer a postal or telephone application service. We believe very strongly in responsible lending and will not offer loans that could cause difficulties in repaying, resulting in missed payments which could potentially have an adverse impact on your ability to borrow in the future.

Salary Finance loan repayments are usually made directly from your salary. If for whatever reason we cannot take payments directly from your salary, we will start collecting repayments by Direct Debit at the same interest rate. You can repay the loan in full or make an additional payment at any time, with no fee.

We lend to employees with a range of credit scores. When assessing your application we will look at four things: 1. The overall affordability of the loan 2. Your existing debt 3. Information you provide on your application form 4. Information we receive from the credit referencing agency, TransUnion. Applying will not affect your credit score, as we only perform a quotation search (soft check) on your credit file at this point. It's only when you accept the loan that we perform what's called a 'hard search' that will show on your credit file in future. Only if you accept the loan, will we then run what’s called a hard credit search. This is recorded on your credit file, and your Salary Finance loan will show up when your credit file is checked in future. If your application is approved, Salary Finance loans usually help you make repayments on time through direct payroll repayments, which can help improve your credit score through a period of on-time repayments.

No you do not need to let your employer know. We value your privacy. The loan agreement is between you and Salary Finance. When applying for a loan we will verify your salary, start date, date of birth, and other details that your employer has for you on their payroll (this is to check that you are, who you say you are). Usually, if you take out a loan your payroll department will know that you have a Salary Finance loan but we won't tell them the total amount you have borrowed or any other information you have shared with us. All we send your employer is a file each month which provides a payroll ID and an amount to take from your salary. There are some employers for which we take the loan repayments by Direct Debit.To check details specifically for your employer, click the "Check Eligibility" button on the home page to find your employer. If your employer has partnered with us it will take you to your employer page, where you will find details specific to your employer.

Once you've sent us your bank details and signed your loan agreement, we'll be able to send the loan amount to you. We aim to have the money to you within an hour - loans are sent out 24/7 but things can be a little slower at the weekend and overnight. The funds will be transferred directly to your bank account via faster payments. At most, you should expect to receive your loan within 3 days.

Your pay on payday will normally be reduced by the amount that you have Advanced. It's as simple as that—no further action required! If you take an Advance after payroll has been processed, your employer will overpay you by the amount Advanced, and we'll set up a one-off Direct Debit to take the amount on payday. This one-off Direct Debit will be from the same bank account into which your salary is paid. The date payroll has been processed depends on your employer.

About Salary Finance

What we do
We partner with your employer to provide financial products: affordable loans, pay advances, simple savings and financial education to help make your money work for you.
How it works
We offer products through your employer which are linked to your salary and tailored to your individual circumstances, allowing you to take control of your finances.

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