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With Advance, you can access up to 50% of your earned pay before payday, allowing you to better match costs across the month.

After all, it's your pay.

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How it works


Check whether your employer supports/offers Salary Finance Advance.


If you're eligible, you'll need to complete a simple online registration with your details.


Get paid when you need it, not just when it's payday. You can access up to 50% of what you've earned, up to 3 times every pay cycle.


Advance is not a loan, so there's no interest to pay. Just a flat fee of £1.49 per withdrawal


Once you request an Advance, it's paid directly to your bank account within 24 hours (usually within minutes).


Check how much you have available to Advance anytime, anywhere.

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With Advance, you can access up to 50% of the money you've earned before payday, allowing you to spread your pay across the month when you need it most.
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FAQs for Advance
Frequently Asked Questions - Advance
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No. Payments will be made from your net pay after taxes have been deducted. Salary Finance payments are not a tax exempt benefit-in-kind.

Click the "My Salary Finance" button on the home page, enter your employer name. You will then be directed to a page specific to your employer. Go to the top right of that page and click ‘Sign In’. Enter the email address you used to register and click 'Having trouble signing in?’. Follow the instructions on screen and you'll be emailed a link to reset your password. Please be aware that this will expire in an hour, so make sure you are able to complete the password reset within this time.

Advance is an employee benefit that provides you with access to your earned pay before payday. It is not a loan. With Advance, you can access your earned pay at almost any point in the pay cycle. The amount of pay you can access depends on your employer. 50% of your earned income is a typical threshold.

Because Advance is not a loan, there is no interest. We only charge a simple fee of £1.49 per Advance (so each time you withdraw money, regardless of how much, you'll be charged £1.49). We promise that's it!

Because Advance is not a loan, there is no interest. The only fee we charge is £1.49 per withdrawal.

No, quite the opposite. Advance lets you access money you've already earned before payday. It's your money when you need it.

Your pay on payday will normally be reduced by the amount that you have Advanced. It's as simple as that—no further action required! If you take an Advance after payroll has been processed, your employer will overpay you by the amount Advanced, and we'll set up a one-off Direct Debit to take the amount on payday. This one-off Direct Debit will be from the same bank account into which your salary is paid. The date payroll has been processed depends on your employer.

Not at all. Advance is not a lending product, so will have no impact on your credit score.