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A step by step guide to improving financial wellbeing

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The cost for employers

Employees with money worries are more likely to have sleepless nights, not finish their daily tasks and to have troubled relationships with colleagues. The are also more likely to be looking for a new job.


We estimate the combined cost of lost productivity and higher staff turnover represents between 13 and 17% of an employer’s total salary bill.

Financial wellbeing and mental health

Our research found a strong correlation between financial worries and poor mental health.


People with money worries are 3.8 times more likely to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and 4.9 times more likely to suffer from depression.

It’s not about pay

The two groups with the highest rate of financial stress are those with the lowest pay (not surprising) but also those with the highest.


It is not the amount of money that you earn but what you do with it that is the cause of worry.

Money worries

40% of employees are worried about their finances.

The consequence

This leads to poor mental health, reduced productivity and high attrition.

The impact

The combined cost represents 13-17% of an employers salary bill.


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