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Salary Finance is an employee benefit that can help you pay down debt, grow your savings, and accomplish your financial goals.
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We're about life balances, not bank balances
Whether you want to save more for the future, pay off a lingering debt, or get tips on how to manage the day-to-day, we put you in control and take the stress out of money.

Who is Salary Finance?

What we do
We partner with your employer to provide financial products and services that help you lead a happier, healthier financial life.
How it works
Salary Finance is a suite of voluntary benefits linked to your salary and tailored to your individual circumstances, allowing you to take control of your finances.

Our products

We help improve your financial wellbeing through a suite of products and services
Borrow responsibly with affordable loans*
Our employee loans* typically have higher acceptance and lower interest than those from traditional lenders, allowing you to take control of your debt and improve your credit score. And with repayments coming straight from your salary, you'll never miss a payment. For more information, see your employer page.
Be better with money
Access a robust library of educational guides and resources to help you navigate the most important pieces of the financial puzzle.
A better way to save
Whether you want to start saving or grow your existing savings, we offer the simplest way to save through your paycheck and get rewarded for it.
Success stories
Hear from Salary Finance employer partners and their employees
“Offering Salary Finance as a benefit is critical and beneficial in order for us to have the best talent come here.”
Bridget Nelson
Benefits Analyst
“I really did save money... by getting and accepting this opportunity... even within the first couple weeks of doing this.”
Employees of Clark County School District
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Now available: Emergency savings benefit

Whether you want to help employees start saving or grow their existing savings, Salary Finance Save is the simplest way to help employees save through their paycheck and get rewarded for it.
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Working Americans are struggling with financial stress

42% of working Americans are dealing with financial stress, which makes it harder for them to focus at work and more likely that to suffer from anxiety or depression.

Vulernable populations facing more financial hardships

Women, Black or African-American and Hispanic or Latino employees, employees who identify as LGBTQ, and those with disabilities are more likely to suffer from financial stress and lack of savings.

Employers can be part of the solution

Employers who offer financial wellness benefits see higher employee satisfaction and retention, with employer-level NPS that is 1.5-2 times higher on average.

*Please Note: Salary Finance is an optional program, not a recommendation from your employer. Your employer does not benefit financially from offering this service and communications regarding your loan will be through Salary Finance directly. Salary Finance branded loan products are offered by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. Salary deduction payments are not available to employees who work primarily in DC, IN, NH, NJ, NY and WV.