Bruce Huntley: The Human in Human Resources

Have you ever wished that your company would care more about your wellbeing? Have you ever gone out of your way and helped employees even when you didn't have to? Bruce didn't just experience that but he's part of the small percentage of people who actually did something about it.

Bruce Huntley is the Vice President of Equity and Inclusion and Human Resources for Acclara Solutions. He develops, delivers, and leads Acclara's HR service model and full employee lifecycle, supporting employees from recruitment to retirement. He challenges the status quo by uplifting employees and having an employee-centric strategic mindset.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Bruce growing up in Muskogee, Oklahoma and how that shaped his way of thinking
  • How he decided that HR was the right path to take
  • Bruce's take on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and Human Resources (HR)
  • His thoughts on creating a safe and sustainable HR infrastructure
  • Having a safe space to talk about finances and financial wellbeing
  • Employee Assistance Programs being extended to a whole household
  • Bruce's favorite Dale Carnegie principle and how it became his philosophy

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